Works of Art by Mrs. Kubichek's 5th and 6th Graders

Welcome to the 5th and 6th grade art show!

Here are five examples of fifth grade weavings.

The fifth grade artists chose interesting color combinations.

The paper weaving required excellent cutting skills.

The sixth grade students drew fantasy animals.
This is Amanda's Itchy.

The students also wrote a story about their animal.
Ivy's creature, Sapphire, sits on her glasses.

Kiley's animal, Bedman, hides under her bed.

The fifth grade also drew all sides of their shoes. This is Whitney's example.

Here is Ryan's footwear.

Rachel also did a fantastic job illustrating hers.

Chelsea's animal lives in a strawberry patch.

Carissa's active imagination is evident in this creative drawing.

Beware of Nick's creature! He's bigger than our town.