D.A.R.E. Fundraiser
by Mackenzi Hocking

The 6th Grade D.A.R.E. class is collecting pop cans to raise money for our communities.  So far, as of April 4, we have collected 10,664 cans.  In Ms. Witte's Hawk Talk, we have collected 2,390.  Mr. Vust's group has collected 2,661.  Mrs. Ellwood's group has 3,777.  Ms. Arnold's group has 1,836.  We will be collecting until May 7, so if you have cans, find a 6th grader near you.

May 7 Update!

The fundraiser is now over and the cans have been recycled.  The thermometers graphing the cans brought in have been modified to indicate the new totals.  Notice that extra papers had to be taped to the wall to allow for the large numbers.  Here is the final tally: Arnold's Aliens - 12,446, Vust's Vipers - 8,646, Witte's Wizards - 9, 811, and Ellwood's Pizzas - 9, 836.  Top can recycler is Josh, who brought in more than 4100 cans!

There were so many cans brought in that the truck couldn't haul them away in one trip.