Board Highlights
March 11, 2002

Enjoyed a presentation given by a group of 5th grade students about their efforts to protect the coral reef. The Board approved a request for a fundraiser in support of their efforts.

Food service director Candy Anderson addressed the board on three issues for future board and/or administrative consideration:

  • Are home-baked treats brought into the school the safest snack options for students?
  • How can milk and snack breaks be included at the elementary level without impacting students' consumption of the necessary nutritional elements of lunch?
  • What can South Hamilton Schools do to improve the incidence of child obesity in grades K-12?
No action was taken on these issues, but directed the administration to gather more information pertinent to future policy considerations and bring these topics back for future review.

Received an update on the IM Series training workshop held recently in Sioux City. Teachers Laura Marcott and Kim Huegerich shared their perspectives on the opportunities the IM series presents in regards to the development and maintenance of the district's curriculum. The IM Series  serves as a valuable tool for teachers to identify student learning needs, improve instruction and positively impact student achievement.

A proposal to bring about changes in the format and schedule for the junior high athletic program was tabled until the April meeting.  Activities Director Todd Coy reported to the board that he had met with a group of sixth grade parents to explain the proposed changes and respond to questions and concerns. He suggested that tabling action until the April meeting would provide additional time to share information and answer questions.

Received and reviewed the specifications for the purchase of a new transit style school bus from transportation director Harold Anderson. Bus Specifications were approved and will be forwarded to vendors for bidding purposes. The board will receive the bids at the April meeting.

Approved five Open Enrollment Requests; two students "into" the district and three students "out" of the district

Reviewed the quotes from Midwest Direct for the purchase of new student lockers in order to begin the replacement process for the lockers in the MS/HS building. The board approved the purchase of 100 student lockers to be installed prior to the start of classes next fall.

Superintendent Kinley conducted a budget work session with the board. The estimated budget projections for 2002-03 were reviewed and discussed.

Approved a resolution to publish the proposed 2002-03 district budget in the South Hamilton Record-News.

Set the date and time for public hearing on the FY2003 Budget. The public hearing will be held on Monday evening, April 8, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in the Boardroom at the MS/HS building.

Approved a resolution requesting the budget guarantee for the 2002-03 school year. This resolution will be submitted to the state by April 1 to provide the district the flexibility and authority to levy for the budget guarantee if this funding is necessary to maintain the district's 2002-03 regular program district cost at 100% funding level of the regular program district cost for 2001-02.

Reviewed and accepted the 2000-01 Audit Report submitted to the Board by the Burton L. Tracy firm from Clarion, IA.

Held the first reading of proposed changes in Board Policy Series 200 - Board of Education. A final reading and action on these policies will be scheduled for the April meeting.

Held the first reading and review of the district's early retirement policies. A final reading and action on these policies will be placed on the April agenda.

Set Tuesday evening, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. as the date and time for a special board meeting and community forum for the purpose of sharing information and gathering input from the community on recent discussions held with neighboring school districts regarding future educational programming possibilities. This special meeting will be held in the MS/HS auditorium.
 Elementary principal Paul Hemphill reported on the recent school net weather station celebration.

The board granted permission for the elementary boosters to sponsor a concession stand at the annual Willis Welp Relays in May.

Secondary principal Steve Gray polled the board on an issue related to starting times for conference varsity basketball games. The board believes the current starting times are appropriate. Mr. Gray informed the board that the Search Institute survey was administered to students last week.

Superintendent Kinley read a letter from Dorance Hefte, Hubbard-Radcliffe superintendent, thanking the board for its recent joint meeting, tour of the school facilities, and discussion about future possibilities between the two districts.