Board Highlights
June 9, 2003

Approved an Early Graduation Request for a senior student to complete his graduation requirements in December 2003.

Approved an open enrollment request into the district for a kindergarten student from Hubbard-Radcliffe.

Approved the second reading and adopted several Board Policy revisions. Polices revised and approved included:

203.11  Legal Counsel
402.1  Original Contracts of Certificated Personnel
402.2 (1)  Licensed Employee Probationary Status
402.2 (2)  Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts
103  Educational and Operational Planning and Needs Assessment
403.7  Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
901.9  Naming of School Facilities
1004.4E2  Exhibit for Fees for Use of Facilities

Held the first reading for a number of Board Policy Revisions. They are as follows:

402.7  Annuities for School Employees
405.10  Substance-Free Workplace
401.1, 401.1R1  Equity Statement, 
401.1E2  Equal Employment Opportunity
407.5  Equal Employment Opportunity (Support Staff)
602. 16
602.17  Curriculum Development
    Curriculum Implementation
    Curriculum Evaluation
404.6  Family and Medical Leave
503.3  Student Publications
501.12  Open Enrollment Transfers
505.1  Student Directory Information
505.2  Student Records Access
501.16  Homeless Children and Youth
504.11  Administration of Medications to Students
406.4  Communicable Diseases - Employees
504.5 (1)  Student Use of Motor Vehicles
504.5 (2)  Student School Driving permits

Received a progress report from Reading Recovery teacher Cindy Riedemann. First grade students enrolled in the program demonstrated significant progress this year, with 7 of 8 students graduating from the program while one student made good progress, but was incomplete at year's end. Thirteen of 14 students in 2nd and third grade (92.9%) who were previously enrolled in the program in first grade have maintained and /or accelerated their reading growth over time.

Elementary principal Paul Hemphill discussed the increased transportation regulations that are to be implemented for the Head Start program in January 2004 and presented the possibility of discontinuing the program at South Hamilton due to these increased costs. The program served four qualifying students this past year in addition to the students enrolled in the pre-kindergarten and Developmental Learning Center program.  The board tabled any action until the July meeting. More information will be gathered and presented to the board at that time.

Principal Hemphill discussed a proposal from the Elementary Boosters to install a sidewalk on the north playground area that will improve the traffic patterns for students, particularly during snowy and rainy weather. The board approved the project. The Boosters will pay the costs of installation. A second project involves the proposed purchase of a kiln for the elementary art program. The board directed Mr. Hemphill to pursue this project and explore the costs involved in making the electrical and exhaust system modifications necessary to install the kiln.

Granted approval to hold the 2004 Swing Choir Concert Date on Sunday afternoon, January 18, 2004 at 2:00 p.m.

Approved the K-6 and 7-12 Student Handbooks for 2003-04.

Received information about IASB legislative priorities for 2003 and was asked to consider potential issues to propose for 2004. The board will revisit this topic in July and establish its top priorities to be forwarded to IASB

Approved requests from agriculture teacher and FFA advisor Steve Olson for three overnight FFA trips involving students, the annual summer trip (June 19-21) to Kansas City, the National Barrow Show in Austin, MN in September, and the national FFA convention to be held in late October in Louisville, KY.

Accepted the resignations of Dawn Chally as assistant girls' basketball coach and Travis Anderson as 8th grade boys' basketball coach.

Received an overview from Supt. Kinley on the proposed Staff Development activities and in-service dates for 2003-04. The board approved the proposed dates for staff in-service and directed the administration to place these dates on the district calendar.

Granted advance approval to business manager Susan Headley to pay bills at the end of the fiscal year.

The board directed the administration to get an estimate on the cost of rock to fill the west end of the north parking lot at the high school in order to begin plans to expand the lot to the west. The board also discussed the need for a golf cart or similar vehicle to be available to transport injured players or address other emergency needs during events at the athletic complex.

Approved the carryover of approximately $2000 in Phase III funds for expenditure during the 2003-04 school year.

Elementary Principal Paul Hemphill reported that 100% of this year's first grade students achieved the desired benchmarks in their DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) testing this spring. 93% of the kindergarten students achieved the designated benchmarks as well. The performance of the students on the DIBELS testing met and exceeded the district's identified annual improvement goal in this area.

Mr. Hemphill informed the board of the opportunity to participate in a study conducted through ISU to measure the impact of the Rock in Prevention program on student attitudes. The study will include a parent involvement component. The project will be completed at no cost to the district.

Mr. Hemphill reported that Summer School is underway. Once again, summer school classes are meeting at the pubic libraries in Stanhope, Jewell, and Ellsworth on Friday mornings throughout June and July. Mr. Hemphill reported that the 3rd/4th grade multiage classroom will be implemented for next year. A meeting for parents has been set for June 19th. Teachers from Nevada Elementary School will be present to talk about the program and answer questions.

Superintendent Kinley reported the 11th grade students achieved the identified annual improvement goals in mathematics, to improve student computation of fractions. Students in 11th grade this year improved the percentage of correct responses on the ITED tests in the math fractions subtest by 20% over the results from the same class a year ago. Mr. Kinley also reported results from the 5th grade STAR math program. This program places emphasis on developing computation skills. The fifth grade class improved their performance from 64 to the 84th percentile rank on the basis of pre- and post-test data.

The board discussed feedback they had received on the time and date for commencement and discussed the possibility of surveying parents about this issue. No action was taken.  The item was tabled until the July meeting.

Mr. Kinley reported that a gift to the district was forthcoming in the near future to support replacement of the sound and recording systems in the middle/high vocal and instrumental music programs and to provide the initial funds to purchase an electronic finish line clock for track and cross country meets. Specific amounts and additional details, as well as a public acknowledgement of this gift, will be presented to the board at a future meeting.

Mr. Kinley reported to the board that he has met with the members of the Hubbard-Radcliffe board regarding the possibility of shared superintendency.  He will be meeting with the board and a group of community members for a second interview later this week (Wednesday).