Board Highlights
August 12, 2002

Approved an unpaid leave request from teacher Jolene Voga.

Approved the scheduling of the high school softball awards dinner for Sunday evening, August 18 at 6:00 p.m.

Heard a report from Becky Thorson on the efforts of the South High Pride Boosters during the 2001-02 school year and plans for the coming school year. The Pride boosters raised approximately $8900 this past year through its various activities and contributed over $13,000 in support of various athletic programs. The board granted approval for the Pride boosters to hold a fundraising activity during the 2002-03 school year.

Heard a report from Gina Spohnheimer on the contributions of the South Hamilton Music Boosters in support of the school program during the 2001-02 school year. She reported that the Music Boosters are in the process of expanding their support and becoming a Fine Arts Booster Club. She also reviewed some projects that are targeted for the coming year. The board approved Mrs. Spohnheimer's request for the Music/Fine Arts Boosters to hold their three annual fundraisers during the 2002-03 school year.

Approved the hiring of:
Lori Petrie to fill a new special education aide position at the MS/HS building.
Wendy Mueller to fill the Early Learning Center associate position at the elementary school.

Approved the reappointment of principals Steve Gray and Paul Hemphill as Level I Investigators in the event of the abuse of students by a school employee. School Nurse Vicki Olthoff was designated as the alternate investigator.

Discussed the possibility of moving the date for the regular September meeting and the organizational meeting of the new board due to the timing of this year's school board elections. The board decided to leave the September meeting on its regularly scheduled date, Monday, September 9 and hold the organizational meeting of the new board at the time of the regularly scheduled October meeting on Monday, October 14.

Superintendent Kinley provided the board with an update on projects that are in progress or have been completed this summer through funding from the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). Improvements include a remodeling of the north entrance to the MS/HS building, installation of new carpet in the MS/HS rotunda area and auditorium, replacement of 100 student lockers at the secondary building, renovation and roof replacement at the bus garage, several improvements made at the baseball field and track, and the purchase of 24 computers and other technology for use in classrooms throughout the district.

Principal Steve Gray and Superintendent Kinley reported to the board on the district's readiness for school and provided a brief overview of the fall teacher workshop schedule. All teaching and support staff positions have been filled for the coming year. There are several cheerleading sponsor positions yet to fill.

Reviewed and approved the Coaches Handbook for 2002-03.

Approved entering into a 28-E Agreement with Iowa Central Community College for the Project Early-Bird Courses to be offered as part of the high school's academic program offerings for 2002-03 school year.

Learned that South Hamilton will once again be a site for the Head Start Program for 2002-03. Four children will be enrolled in this program for the coming year.

Granted approval for the Elementary Booster Club to once again sponsor the development and sale of an Elementary Memory Book for students in grades PreK-6.

Adopted a resolution continuing the district's participation in providing a breakfast program for students.

Approved the appointment of Krista Feldman to the South Hamilton Foundation Board of Directors.

Approved Board Recognition Award nominations for the 2002 softball team and coach Jolene Voga for their 5th place finish in the state softball tournament this summer and for Coach Voga's coach of the year recognition. The team members and coaches will be recognized at halftime of the first home football game this fall.
Principal Gray reported on plans to review the implementation of the TAG program and related scheduling issues this year.

Superintendent Kinley informed the board about a Food and Nutrition (Fruit/Vegetable) Grant application that is being submitted on behalf of the elementary and secondary schools. He also reported that the overhead doors from the bus garage and many of the lockers that will be replaced this fall have been sold to interested parties.