Board Highlights
December 10, 2001

Approved a new Board Recognition Policy, which establishes a procedure to recognize students and staff for their achievements.

Received the final financial report on the sale of the student-built house. The final margin after all bills were paid was $3,015.93. The board designated these funds for the Industrial Technology department for the purchase of equipment that will enhance the program.

No action was taken on the resignation of Staci Thompson as assistant volleyball coach for the 2002-03 school year. The search for a suitable replacement will begin immediately.

Approved the issuance of contracts for summer driver's education teachers Charles Brobst and Ed Spire.

Granted an extended unpaid leave of absence for the remainder of the school year for Kathy Halleland.

Granted a one day unpaid leave of absence for Laura Marcott.

Cast a vote on behalf of the district for Margaret Borgen to serve as a member of the Board of Director representing IASB District #5.

Approved two open enrollment requests out of the district, one (Kindergarten) to Boone and the other  (pre-K) to Roland-Story.

Supported a Letter of Agreement with the South Hamilton Education Association to postpone bargaining sessions for the 2002-03 teacher contract until after the first of the year when the legislature meets and makes decisions on school funding issues.

Approved a requested calendar change, adding an early dismissal on January 30,2002 for the purpose of providing K-12 staff time to write instructional objectives pertinent to current curriculum development.

Reviewed two preliminary calendar options for the 2002-03 school year and provided the superintendent with feedback for further consideration.

Agreed to meet briefly after the January 14 meeting to discuss issues related to negotiations and to look at the calendar at that time to identify possible dates for negotiations strategy sessions.

Approved Sunday afternoon, February 10, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. as the date and time for the Swing Choir Show.  The Board also set admission prices for Hamilton Holidays, Swing Choir Show and the Fall Play at $4 for adults and $2 for students.

Approved the placement of a student teacher from Buena Vista University for the second semester. The student will teach at the elementary school in the special needs program.

Received an update from the superintendent on bids and quotes received on identified PPEL projects. No action was taken.

Received a report from elementary principal Paul Hemphill indicating that 99.26% attendance was recorded at the recently held Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences. Mr. Hemphill also reported that the elementary boosters are working to support a field trip fund at the elementary school. He provided the board with some detail regarding the cost of these trips.

Mr. Kinley and Mr. Gray reported on discussion being held within AEA 5 regarding dual credit course offerings and the potential for sharing these opportunities with neighboring districts.

Mr. Kinley provided the board with a brief budget update. The school lunch program has realized a 4.3% reduction in the state reimbursement for school meals and a decrease in the quantity of commodities being delivered to the schools. The nice weather has helped with energy usage and expenditures. A reduction in the usage of electricity was also noted, as staff members have been vigilant in their efforts to conserve.