Board Highlights
December 9, 2002

Received and reviewed a written response from Northeast Hamilton superintendent Roark Horn on behalf of the Northeast Hamilton board of directors regarding the whole grade sharing concept proposal that was presented for consideration on November 19. Northeast Hamilton has indicated that will not be participating in any further discussion of these options at the current time. In outlining the rationale for this decision, Supt. Horn wrote, "We believe strongly in the future of our district as it is currently configured. The educational opportunities that we currently offer our students we feel are greater than those that would be offered to our students under the proposal as outlined." Several additional reasons were given.

Approved two requests from teaching staff members for unpaid leave time.

Approved the South Hamilton Elementary Boosters request to hold a bake sale on the evening of the K-4 music concert (December 19).

Accepted the following gifts to the district:

  1. 2000 used golf balls for use by the high school golf teams from Gordon Hopper, retired professor at Iowa State University.
  2. Two microwave ovens from Rick and Cindie Luhman.
  3. The Mike Penning Athletic Complex sign west of the school, financed through contributions from Dee Sorenson.
  4. Computer hard drive and monitor for use in the business education department and miscellaneous weight benches and weights from an anonymous donor.
Discussed a request for approval of outside credits for graduation.  The board will consider granting approval of credits earned from an alternative school program upon formal request from the student and parents.

Approved open enrollment requests into the district for 5 students for 2003-04, two kindergarten students from Northeast Hamilton and three students, grades K, 2, and 4 from Roland-Story who plan to participate in the district's home school assistance program. The board was reminded that January 1, 2003 is the deadline for open enrollment requests for 2003-04.

Accepted the resignations of Tiffany Heeren, cheerleading sponsor and Don Anderson, bus driver. Approved John Kinley as a volunteer wrestling coach.

Approved a resolution of intent to renew the Instructional Support Levy for a five-year period of time. The board set the date for a public hearing on the renewal proposal. The public hearing will be held on Monday, January 6, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. An alternate date, in case of bad weather, is Wednesday, January 8, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. The board wishes to renew this levy for a five-year period of time. This levy has been in effect in the district since 1991. The only proposed change in the levy will be to increase the funding rate from 3% to no more than 4% of the regular program district cost. This increase will generate approximately $30,000 for any general fund purpose and will help to offset the elimination of state technology funds that was implemented this year.

The board held discussion regarding possible interest in selling the portable classroom. This facility has been used for storage and many items were removed as a result of the district garage sale last spring. The board directed Supt. Kinley to advertise the building for sale as required.

Reviewed a draft proposal for a set of banners to be displayed in the gym that will recognize the achievements of South Hamilton athletic teams. The board directed athletic director Todd Coy to discuss the project with the South High Pride booster club and to obtain a sample banner for review.

Reviewed and approved plans submitted by Jim Kubichek to finish the memorial garden at the South Hamilton Elementary School

Received information from MS/HS principal Steve Gray about the "Project Toward No Drug Abuse Curriculum," a substance abuse curriculum that would serve to reinforce the Project Alert program presented to 7th grade students last year. The board approved a pilot of this curriculum during the second semester for 8th grade students. There will be no cost to the district. The program will be sponsored by a grant received by the Hamilton County Empowerment Board. 
The board held discussion, but tabled any action on a proposed Human Growth and Development program sponsored by Hamilton County Public Health. The board wishes to gather more information about the program and will hold further discussion at the January meeting.

Elementary Principal Paul Hemphill reported on the outstanding attendance (99.5%) and participation at fall parent teacher conferences. He commended the teaching staff on their efforts to contact every parent and discuss student progress

Curriculum Coordinator Carroll McLuckie reported that the feedback report on the district's Annual Progress Report was just received from the state and the district successfully met all of the state requirements established for local school improvement goals.

Superintendent Kinley reported that the South Hamilton Record-News will be designated the official publication newspaper for the district for 2003. He also indicated that Boone County is considering a local option sales tax vote. If approved, the district would receive a small percentage of the proceeds based on the number of South Hamilton students residing in Boone County.