Board Highlights
April 8, 2002

Held a public hearing for the 2002-03 Proposed Budget for the school district. The board certified the 2002-03 budget with estimated revenues of $6,794,519 and estimated expenditures of $7,482,424. The approved tax levy will be $13.29 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.

Adopted a resolution allowing the district to participate in the ISCAP program for 2002-03.

Approved a request from Traci Clabaugh, representing the Park Equipment committee, to rent the school kitchen/cafeteria facilities to hold two fundraisers this spring.

Gave final approval to a Junior High Athletic Proposal that will result in changes in the scheduling for junior high boys and girls basketball and wrestling, improves the coach/player ratio during practice time, creates more equity in floor practice time, places an increased emphasis on skill development, increases opportunities for meaningful playing time for participants by increasing the number of game opportunities for basketball players, and providing 7th grade boys an opportunity to wrestle and play basketball if they choose to do so.

Accepted the low bid of $53,161 from School Bus Sales of Waterloo for the purchase of a 65 passenger transit style bus for the 2002-03 school year.

Discussed issues that impact the 2002-03 school calendar. These include the fact the IHSAA has now moved the starting date for high school football practice up to August 14. It was noted that all other schools in the conference will be starting school on either August 19, 21 or 22. The board approved calendar for next year indicates an August 26 starting date. The board agreed to revisit the calendar at the May meeting.

Received a report from activities director Todd Coy and principal Steve Gray on a proposed increase in admissions to district football games to $3 per student and the HOIAC conference is considering doing the same for the non-district games. The board discussed the possibility of increasing the cost of the adult punch card by $5 for next year, but took no action. This item will be placed on the May agenda for further consideration and possible action.

In personnel items, the board accepted the resignations of the following staff members:

  • Lori  Petrie as assistant fall play director.
  • Kathy Halleland as 5th grade language arts teacher
  • Sharon Hertzke, elementary school secretary
  • Agreed to modify, through mutual agreement, the teaching contract for Keri Hodnefield for the 2002-03 school year to a half-time position.

Tabled discussion and action on redistricting of board representative districts. The redistricting maps have not yet been provided by the Secretary of State's office.  It may be necessary to hold a special meeting late in April to review and approve these changes.

The board approved a proposal from the Door and Fence Store in the amount of $6,392 to replace the backstop at the baseball field. The board tabled action on accepting any bids for carpet replacement at the high school until the May meeting. The vendors will be contacted and asked to clarify measurements and pricing options.

Approved the negotiated agreement with the South Hamilton Education Association for the 2002-03 school. The agreement includes a $300 increase on the base salary for new teachers. Starting salary for a new teacher in the district next year will be $23,800. The total package (salary and benefits) reflects a 3.17% increase.

Granted approval for the administration to move ahead with planning a garage sale of school equipment items to coincide with the community garage sales planned for May 4 and May 11.

Held a second reading and approved the revisions to Board Policy Series 200 - Board of Directors.

Held a second reading and approved the renewal of the district's early retirement policies for the certified teaching staff and for administrative and support staff.

Set Monday evening, April 22 at 7:00 p.m. as the date and time for the support staff salary committee to meet. Selwyn Rash and Dave Carlson will serve on this committee with Supt. Kinley. The committee will present recommendations to the board at its May meeting.
Approved the issuance of teacher contracts for the 2002-03 school year.

Gave approval to a request to hold a Speech Awards Program on Sunday afternoon, April 28, pending approval from the ministerial association.

Approved a request for the participants in the state Future Problem Solving competition to stay overnight due to the scheduling of competition activities.

Granted approval of a temporary fund transfer of approximately $55,000 from the PPEL fund to the Debt Service Fund. The amount will be repaid after tax revenues are received.

Approved the scheduling of the Play Hard Sports Volleyball Camp to be held in the South Hamilton school gymnasium August 6-8. Students in grades 7-12 are the targeted audience for this camp.

The board held a follow-up discussion on the issues and questions raised at the March 26 public forum regarding recent discussions with neighboring districts about planning for future educational opportunities. The board felt the community feedback was very positive about these discussions and encouraged the board to continue their efforts to move forward. The board is very interested in continuing these discussions and directed the superintendent to contact the neighboring boards and indicate this interest.

Elementary Principal Paul Hemphill reported on the following:

  • Kindergarten round-up was recently held and 49 students are registered with the possibility of at least two more children joining the class.
  • Parent-teacher conferences were recently held with nearly perfect attendance again this semester. Mr. Hemphill commended the teachers on their diligent efforts to make contact with parents and hold a conference with them.
  • Summer school is again being planned for this summer at three sites - the community libraries in Ellsworth, Jewell, and Stanhope. The feedback from this program last summer was extremely positive.
  • Discussions and planning sessions are currently being held with 5th and 6th grade teachers in regards to restructuring teaching assignments for the coming year.

MS/HS principal Steve Gray reported that the Parent Activity Council has been very positive and helpful this year in promoting four evening activities for 7th and 8th grade students as well as providing significant assistance in the organization of the recent Career Day activities for 7th and 8th graders.

Mr. Gray received board support to investigate the possibility of scheduling an early-bird PE class next year. This option will be studied and if feasible, will be presented to the Board in May.

Supt. Kinley reported to the board on the following:

  • The South Hamilton Foundation Board met on April 2 to discuss the scholarship program available through the foundation. In addition, the Board provided support to the creation of a teacher mini-grant program that would provide funds to South Hamilton teachers to support innovative and creative teaching strategies and programs that will enhance student learning in their classrooms. The board asked that publicity on this program be included in the next school newsletter with a South Hamilton Foundation brochure and contribution form.
  • The superintendent's evaluation will be scheduled for the May meeting. Mr. Kinley reported that he has sought feedback from staff and will share this feedback with the board.