Board Highlights

September 17, 2001


Administered the oath of office to re-elected board member Vicki Hill.


Elected Tom Bell as president and Vicki Hill as vice-president.


Established a calendar for regular meeting dates and times for the 2001-02 school year. Monthly meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.


Heard a report from parents interested in creating a parent activity council to provide support for junior high students, staff, and program/activities.


New elementary staff members were present and introduced to the Board.


Approved a request from the Elementary Booster Club to sponsor a memory book for students in grades preK-6. The Board approved this request for one year and asked that no changes be made in the current K-12 yearbook.


Approved the sale of South Hamilton Car Stickers as a fundraiser sponsored by the Elementary Booster Club.


Rejected a request for a 30 day extension from the potential buyers of the student-built house and voted to void the sale of the house. The potential buyers have been unable to sell their existing home. The board will place the house back on the market and directed the superintendent to pursue listing the house with a realtor in the near future.


Appointed principals Paul Hemphill and Steve Gray and Jewell police chief Steve Butler as truancy officers for the 2001-2002 school year.


Approved the district’s Federal Class Size Reduction Application in the amount of $13,641.69.


Briefly discussed the Board’s participation in the upcoming IASB Delegate Assembly and school board convention in November.


Discussed a variety of projects to be paid from Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) funds. The board agreed to move forward with the completion of the baseball dugout project before winter.  The Board will revisit the other projects at future meetings.


Approved the 2001-02 Classified Staff Handbook. 


Received a report from officer Steve Butler and principal Paul Hemphill regarding the implementation of the DARE program in 6th grade. Approved a request to make DARE merchandise available for sale at elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences.


Approved a request for credit approval from an alternative school program that will allow a student to complete requirements for a high school diploma.


Approved a temporary fund transfer in the amount of $5,830 from Capital Projects to the PPEL Fund. The money will be repaid after the receipt of tax receipts in October.


Heard reports on the start of school from principals Paul Hemphill and Steve Gray. Elementary Open House is Tuesday evening, September 18.


Carroll McLuckie reported on the completion of the district’s annual progress report. This will be sent to district patrons in the near future.


Reviewed a draft of the agenda for the Sept. 24 Board work session that will address board/superintendent communication, expectations, and board goals for 2001-02.