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Randall Area

Sheldall school was built in 1860 from timber brought from the nearby Skunk River woods.  It was the first school building in southern Hamilton County, and was used as a school until 1885 when it was purchased by the Riverside Cornet Band for use as a practice room.    In 1890 it was moved to Randall to be used as a house.  In 1915, former Riverside Band members raised the money to move the building back to its original site, but it is now preserved as a museum west of the Story City Municipal Pool.

This country school (District No.1) was located one mile south of Randall.  All Randall area children attended here until consolidation came in 1919.  It was then moved into Randall where it was used as a residence for the school custodian.   This residence is still located immediately southeast of the Randall Gym.

The Scott Township School No. 5 was also known as Scott Center School.   This school was first used from about 1887 until 1944.  This school was moved into Randall for use as a museum by the G. K. Study Club of Randall.

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Randall plat map from the late 1890's shows the location of the school pictured below

Randall's first school - photo faces southeast

The first school house in Randall was built in 1899.   It was a large two story structure painted white.   Before that time, town children had to attend either the school one mile south or the school one mile north of town.   In 1919, consolidation was voted and a bond issue for $80,000 was approved.   In 1920, students were bused into town and classes were held in old Peterson Hall above the store, while the new brick school was under construction.

Randall Bird's Eye View facing northeast

The Randall School is the white structure on the left.

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