Windwalker Speaks

A December presentation by Nathan Windwalker kept South Hamilton students entranced with stories of ceremonies and native American philosophy. Nathan, who is half Scots and half Cheyenne, is a temporary guest in our area.

Tolerance for others, respect for the earth, for self, and for elders, and cherishing the connections in life were themes heard by students.

Windwalker told his special story about the Turtle Island People. This land (the U.S.) has been called Turtle Island because it is the birth place of people of all colors and of all the directions. The turtle is an important symbol; it has 13 spots on its back, just like native people's calendars. It's also a holy tool which honors birth and change and directly connects us to our Mother Earth.

Windwalker says, We can have a great influence on the world and change the philosophy of mankind if we take responsibility for ourselves and this planet.

Nathan Windwalker closed his talk by playing a flute and beating a drum.

It was cool, said senior Rocky Caudle.

His clear view of the interaction of cultures and theologies was well presented and insightful, said art teacher John Lovell.