Language Arts Trip

Thanks to the South Hamilton School Foundation mini grant, 38 students from the language arts classes were able to attend a Shakespearean production in Ames at Stephens Auditorium.  The Aquila Theatre Company presented an hour-long adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream.  The acting company then answered questions from the audience.

We were thrilled when we received approval from the South Hamilton Foundation. This was a tremendous opportunity for our language arts classes as it enhanced the students' understanding and appreciation of Shakespearean dramas. The students enjoyed the production as much as we did.  -- Mrs. Pulis and Mrs. Gray

I was expecting it to be really boring, but it wasn't. They did a nice job explaining what was going on.  -- Ricki Rohloff

Thank you to the South Hamilton School Foundation for enabling us to benefit from this cultural event!   It is a day we won't forget!

It was a good theatrical experience. It was impressive that actors
from New York came to Ames.  -- Morgan Wright

It was actually pretty good -- it was really funny.  -- Jeremy Hockman