Spanish Foods

Spanish I once again enjoyed a day of authentic cooking as they opened the doors of El Restuarante Mexicano in the halls of SH.  On the menu were Chalupas, Sopa Tarasca, Sopa de Albondiguitas, Picadillo, Papas Chirriones, and Flan.

Shown above are The Dos Amigos:  Jesús and Juan

 The Chalupa Girls: Afton Margarita, Rebecca Viviana, Ariana Alicia , and Sarah Chavela.

Chow Time!

Holly Elena and Whitney Marta preparing Picadillo

Tasting the fruits of their labor: Emilia and Eva

Soup's On!  Jenna Ana, Adam Adán, and Carrie Eva preparing Sopa Tarasca

Juana and Eva washing in the finest of sinks.

Raquel is serving up her cuisine.