Teaching our Elementary Buddies

Mrs. Huegerich's Spanish III class are shown traveling to the elementary to teach a mini lesson in food vocabulary.  High School students would be teaching Mrs. Marcott's students words for food that begin with the letter P and A.

Here, students are shown getting ready to teach.

El pastel
Brandi Violeta Tuttle, Lindsay Luisa Feldman, and Christa Catalina Vulgamott
teaching Jordan and Kasandra

El pastel
Jacob Agustín Schaefer and Jake Cabeza Head

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 ¿Qué significa?
Nina Manuela Papiboune and Kiley Catalina Sealine

Don't be shy.   You can do it!
Derek Enrique Julio Sodders and Kirk Gualterio Williams
teaching McKayla and Daniel

Can you tell me which one is the apio?
Ross and Katy

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Jenna Angel Neuman
teaching Eliana and Luke

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From these four foods, which one is the papas fritas?

Ashley Sofia Greenfield, Lana Isabel Soma, and MacKenzie Margarita Bockwoldt
teaching Katy and Ross

Yeah!  That's the right one!
Kyli Nicolita Hake and Jamie Jaime Olson
teaching Cory and Eric and Taylor

Now you can teach your peers...
Ross, Katy, and Kia

When you get it right, pass the pumkin to the next person.

Jourdan Chiquita Monk and Nick Nicolai Miller
teaching Zach and Garrett