Spanish Classes Host Ogden Guests

Mrs. Huegerich's First and Second Term Spanish I students wrote e-pals from Ogden. On Wednesday, January 5, they got to meet their pal in person and prepare authentic dishes from Mexico.

Students preparing Picadillo: (Felipe) Kevin Poehner, (Yolanda) Bethany Miller, (Celina) Sarah Heithoff, (Alicia) Brandi Tilley

Students preparing Picadillo: (Manuela) Nina Papiboune, (Nacho) Adam Shephard, (Santiago) Ben Hollingshead, (Jesus) Zach Ohlson, (Irene) Crystal Mittlestadt

students preparing Papas Chirriones: (Violeta) Brandi Tuttle, (Alfredo) A.J. Pfalzgraff, (Luisa) Lindsay Feldman

(Javier) Glen Caldwell preparing Sopa Tarasca

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