The Golden Apple Award

Bill and Karla Taylor, retiring veteran teachers at South Hamilton School, won  WHO-TV's Golden Apple Award for their long and caring careers as teachers.   The presentation was made in a morning assembly attended by all elementary students and many guests.  Congratulations! Taylors, from the entire community.

The Taylors were presented with a quilt which was signed by all the elementary students and staff.


Kathy Ness, Elementary Booster Club member, reads a poem to the Taylors.

A Quilt for the Taylors

A handmade quilt of muslin is a rare and precious thing.
And two of our teachers today we think of as queen and king.

For, just as in a quilt, where each square is colorful and unique,
So is the students' love for the Taylors, as they come to school week after week.

To construct a quilt, you need lots of needles and pins,
But for coach to build a team, he was hoping for plenty of wins.

To help provide warmth, the batting is put between the quilt's layers.
Staying warm during football season, Coach left up to his players.

With bias tape the rough edges of the quilt are bound.
In Mrs. Taylor's 1st grade class, no rough edges could be found.

Now, with just a few more stitches, the quilt is done,
And Mrs. Taylor could keep us in stitches.  She is so much fun!

To complete this quilt, there were a lot of helping hands;
And you both know we will always be your biggest fans.

So today we present this quilt to you for all the dedication you have displayed;
And we are truly thankful for all the difference in our children's lives that you have made!!

Bill Taylor shares his thanks after receiving the Golden Apple Award.

photos and poem by Elaine Gansen