6th Grade Dog Unit

In the sixth grade language arts class, Ms. Witte's student teacher, Mr. Stuck, is teaching a unit on dogs.  The unit is based on the reading of the trade book, Shiloh, and covers reading, vocabulary, researching, note-taking, project development, and presentation.  Mr. Stuck designed this unit with these skills in mind, while at the same time trying to apply the general theme to something that the students could relate to and enjoy.

Some of the main activities of the unit so far have been learning to take notes from the school librarian, Miss Place, having guest speakers Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Arends talk about dogs and bring some puppies, and taking part in an ICN activity with a veterinarian from the Animal Rescue League.  The culmination of the unit will be Monday, October 14, when the students will display their dog projects for an open house in the lunchroom from 2 PM until 3 PM.  Parents of sixth graders as well as first through fourth grade students have been invited to visit this open house to observe the hard work that the sixth grade students have put into their final projects.

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