College of Veterinary Medicine Tour

The First Graders and many parent chaperones were treated to a tour of ISU's College of Veterinary Medicine. This was a culminating activity with our reading textbook, Problem Solvers.  Our mentor was Dr. Faye Vittetoe, a practicing veterinarian from Brighton, Iowa.  We learned that veterinarians have to be excellent problem sovers as they often have to speak for animals in need.

Our tour began in the Fish Tank lobby where our group was met by Vet. Med. students.

The C-barn of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (where the large animals go to get better)
This is Pokey's stall; he is the resident steer of the barn.

Here, the 1st graders are visiting Punky in the bird room.
Punky said Hello and Goody-By to us!

Becky is showing the rumen (the four-chambered stomach) to the students.
Cows, sheep, and goats are just a few of the animals that have this kind of stomach.
Those animals are called ruminants.

Anton is telling the students about the animal skeletons.
The skulls are kept in the shelves visible at left.

Ericia is showing all the x-rays of various animals.

Skeletons were in abundance in this teaching lab.

visiting class photos