South Hamilton School
Friend of Education Recipient for 2001

Mrs. LaVerne Iverson

The 2001 recipient of the Friend of Education Award this year is Mrs. LaVerne Iverson, a life-long school teacher who began her career in a small rural school outside of Jewell.  Since then she has taught near Ellsworth, in Jewell Public School, Northeast Hamilton at Kamrar, South Hamilton's Randall Center, and in the South Hamilton's Jewell Center. Following her retirement, she has tutored many students which were referred to her by parents and teachers. It is said, She not only tutors the children, but develops relationships with them.  LaVerne also has been a volunteer reader at South Hamilton's Elementary Building as well as a veteran Sunday School teacher.  This Friend of Education Award was presented during an after-school tea held in the Elementary Library. Joyce Matters is shown in the photo above presenting the award.  The South Hamilton Community thanks LaVerne for her commitment to education!

A South Hamilton teacher says of LaVerne,
LaVerne Iverson came highly recommended to work with a student over the summer.  From the first time we met, I was impressed with her interest and willingness, as well as the relevant questions she asked concerning instruction.  She made it clear up front she wanted no compensation and was sure she could put together a workable summer schedule mutually acceptable for both parties.  She found material and went to work

A couple of phone calls from heer during the summer showed that she was concerned and was right on target with the student's needs.  She searched for appropriate material and "tools" to help the student by independently calling and meeting with AEA staff and through internet searches.

She went above and beyond her duties to meet the student's needs.  She set boundaries for the student and continually reinforced the importance and necessity of the skills she was teaching.  To this day she has challenged the student with an open invitation to independently contact her and continue working on reading skills.  She definitely is a "Friend of Education" and a great asset to the South Hamilton Community School District.  Her unselfish dedication should serve as an example for all of us.

Beautifully prepared and presented snacks by the Taste of South Hamilton were served at LaVerne's presentation tea in the Elementary Library.  The Taste of South Hamilton is a Life Skills Class which includes Colin Fonkin, Ashley Knickerbocker, Tony Olson, Nick VanLangen, Kelli Jans, Jennifer Hove and Aaron McKenzie.

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