South Hamilton School
Friends of Education Recipients for 2002

Don and Marge Anderson

Each year the South Hamilton Education Association honors members of our community who truly are Friends of Education.  These people have gone above and beyond the call of duty to touch the lives of South Hamilton students.  The theme for National Education Week this year is Making Public Schools Great for Every Child.  Who better to represent this theme than this year's recipients, Don and Marge Anderson.  They are both life-long residents of the South Hamilton community.  They had 6 children, all of whom attended our school.  They also have 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

For the past 40 years, Marge has offered her musical talents by accompanying many students and ensembles at concerts and contests.  All a student had to do was call Marge, and they had an accompanist lined up.  Some calls were even made as close as 2 days before contest, but Marge would always be willing to lend not only one helping hand, but 2 hands.  Marge was excited to help out and would tell her musicians her famous quote, We're going for the 1.  Don can even tell you that Marge talks about this in her sleep!

Don officially started helping kids in the mid '80's when he started driving buses for South hamilton.  Don is not your typical bus driver.  Each fall before school would start, Don would go out and meet all his new passengers.  You see, Don was not just a bus driver, he was a counselor, joke teller, treat giver, disciplinarian, and a good friend to all.

Don and Marge in the bus driving skit

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