South Hamilton School
Friends of Education Recipient for 1999

SHEA's Richard Steffen congratulating Wendell Frette

Wendell Frette's impact upon schooling at South Hamilton began in the mid 1960's and continues to this day. A long time member of the football chain-gang, Wendell has spent most every home game with the Hawks enjoying the victories, fighting the rain, cold and snow, and suffering in their losses. Dependability makrs the work Wendell has contributed to the South Hamilton athletes on the sidelines of their endeavors.

Monetarily, students have come to depend upon nameless contributors to their fund raisers. The Yearbook could not be published if it were not for business and individual sponsorship of its pages. The fifth-grader's Newspaper in Education Week, the Music and Vo-Ag department's asks for project help, and such special occasions such as new carpets, a new track, or an addition to the elementary building all require that extra bit of monetary support to be successful. Numerous individuals and businesses can be counted upon for such support. One of these is the quiet but dependable Wendell Frette.

Of course it is assumed parents will support the school while their kids are enrolled. The extra nights of transportation for practices, the performances which demand at least parental attendance and the many years of middle school events, followed by junior varsity support and finally varsity level competitions tear and yank at the parents for miles and miles of travel and personal dedication. Wendell Frette has been the faithful parent. But, Wendell is still doing the extra miles and still following South High students. He continues to attend the drama and music activities and takes the road trips with his wife Lois, whether they be in Baxter or Story City. It's true Wendell dependably follows his grandchildren making their trip through the passages of time at South Hamilton, but there is more.

For here is Wendell the barber. His sharp scissors have put many South High students in the raised chair of importance when Wendell performs his service to the thousands who have entered his shop. More than a haircut, Wendell has gotten to know our South High kids. His support of each of them as an individual has meant much to their feelings of self-worth. His attendance at their events confirms the support. Whether helping with the all-night Prom activities, video-taping athletic events, running the chain, contributing to the many fund raisers, traveling to away games, clapping at Hamilton Holidays productions, or brushing that final hair from the shoulder, Wendell Frette is certainly a worthy recipient of the South Hamilton Education Association's Friend of Education Award for 1999.