National Convention

This year marked a new begining in the National FFA Convention. In the past years FFA chapters from all over the United States have traveled to Kansas City, Missouri. This year was different though. This year FFA chapters headed towards Louisville, Kentucky for the 72nd National FFA Convention. We had 11 members from our chapter head towards Louisville on a charter bus with other chapters from our area.


This year we had 2 members try out and make it in the National Chorus, and 1 member make it to National Band. Katie Larson and Melynda Soma made in the 72nd National Chorus and Jen Hereen made it in the National Band. This was Jenís second year in National Band.

Katie Larson (farthest left on top row)

Melyenda Soma(closest to the piano) 

On the way down to Louisville they had the chance to stop and tour the Indianaoplis 500 Speedway.

This is just one of the many cars they saw.


When it was time for the convention everyone was ready.

This year the theme was Signature of Sucess. Durring the convention there was many speakers talking to us and getting us motivated to go out and fofill our dreams and set our goals high. Nothing is impossible for us and we are the leaders of the new milienium. Also durring the corse of the convention the National FFA Officers give their retiring addresses. We will miss them all very much, but it was awesome having them as our National Officers.

Before and After the sessions they had time to walk around and look at all the booths that were set up. There was every kind of booth there. Anything from fertilizers and feeds to clothing and cars. While looking at all of the booths they met lots of new people from all over the United States. Chelcee, Katie, and Melanie met the Maryland State Reporter, and got him to sign their convention books.

While down at Convention they had the chance to go on some tours of local factories. This year they took a tour of the Louisville Bat Company. They even got some little bats as a memento. Also while down in Lousiville, they got to tour one of the most well known race tracks in the United States, Churchill Downs. They got to tour the stables and even had the chance to watch the morning workout.

Here is a picture of just one of the many horses at Churchill Downs.

While down there they made many new friends and got re-aquainted with many old ones. They had a really good time and didnít want to go home.

Created By Kate Fox