Randall Cemetery

From left to right: Kate Fox, Katie Lund, Katie Larson, Chelcee Hindman, Lana Soma, Jamie Olson,Mark Widick, Kari Swenson, Holly Hanson, Jen Hereen, Melynda Soma, and Perry Carlson. Not pictured: Crystal Ostrem

On September 18, our Chapter had the opportunity to help out the comunity. The people of Randall had noticed that the fence was looking kind of rusty. They asked us if we could put in a new fence for them.

This is the fence before we started.

This is the fence when we finished.

At 9:00 that morning we met at the Randall Cemetary. First we mowed down all the grass and weeds near the old fence. Then we took out all the old pins that held the fence to the posts. We then took the skid loader and pulled all the old poles out and laid the new poles where they should go.

Mr. Olson is making sure the poles are lined up.

Perry Carlson pounding in a pole.


Mr. Olson showed us how to put the new poles in the ground with a post pounder. We had to make sure that all the poles were lined up straight and pretty much at an even distance apart.

Everyone is holding the fence tight so we won't cut it too short.

After all the poles were in, we streched out the new fence and made sure that we didnít cut it too short.

Crystal Ostrem and Chelcee Hindman put the new pins on the new fence

We then put up the new fence and started putting the new pins on. We were all really proud that we put up a new fence and we did it in the short time we did. We all worked together and got it done.

Created by Kate Fox