The South Hamilton website wins a 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.


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Some South Hamilton students found they could easily help the school and their website by learning to make their own pages.  They practiced their skills by placing photos of themselves and their friends on a page or two (or many more).

View the web work of these students:

Carrie Cavanaugh
Megan Carlson
Rebecca Carlson
Kellie Gustafson
Jenna Krause
Kelsey Hake
Melissa Hill
Janessa Hove
Laura Read
Samantha Reinsch
Katie Risdal
Stacia Scott
Becca Swalla
Jon Olson & Paul Pratt
Samantha W
Meredith Williams
Alyssa Wirtz
Ariana Wolf
Thanks to the above students who helped the South Hamilton School website win a Golden Web Award.

These students are some of South Hamilton's Treasures, the Golden Girls.    Thanks, girls!

Alyssa's great MP3 sounds

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