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Mid-winter Music, February 20, 2000

On Tuesday, the South Hamilton 7th & 8th Chorale, together with the Grade 7 and 8 Symphonic Band
presented a concert of mid-winter music.  Mr. Bill Bensen conducted the Chorale,
and Mr. Alan Spohnheimer conducted the Band.

Tarin Bell, Jennifer Hoang Van, and Chelsea Olson (pictured above)
accompanied "Tinga Layo," a West Indies folk tune on percussion instruments.

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The concert featured John Kasner and Whitney Olthoff (left) as soloists with the American folk tune "Shenendoah."

 Also singing solos were Jeremiah Evans and Gary Gansen (right). They soloed on "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean," part of A Scottish Tribute.

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7th & 8th Chorale
Tinga Layo West Indies folk song
arr. Cristi Cary Miller
Banquet Fugue John Rutter
Shenandoah American folk song
arr. Linda Spevacek
A Scottish Tribute arr. Mack Wilberg

Grade 7 and 8 Symphonic Band
Call to Victory Karl King
Festival Overture John Kinyn
Disney Blockbusters arr. John Higgins
Bill Bailey's Dixieland Band arr. Mike Story
When Drummers Take Over the World Michael Sweeney
Click to enlarge Seventh grader Megan Carlson is pictured here accomanying the 7th & 8th Chorale on "Tinga Layo"

Marge Anderson (pictured below) accompanies the Chorale during "Banquet Fugue"

Click to enlarge The concert was presented in the Robert J. Jensen Auditorium at 7:30. The originally-sceduled performance date was Tuesday, February 15. The concert date was moved due to inclement weather. To find out more about Chorale and the Symphonic Band, visit Music at South Hamilton, and click on the Ensembles link.