Mark wins Concert Tickets

South Hamilton fifth and sixth graders have attended a performance by the Des Moines Symphony featuring David Ott.  Following the concert students were invited to submit critiques of the performance. From the thousands of critiques, only twelve students were selected as a Junior Critic.  Our school again has a student who has qualified as one of those winners.  Mark Gansen was awarded four tickets so he can take his family to a another concert at the Civic Center.

The following is the critique submitted by Mark:

When I went to the Des Moines Symphony concert, I was amazed!  First of all, the bows of the string instruments moved in unison.  then, even though there were only a few instruments of the same kind, it sounded like there were a whole lot more because they projected so well!

I thought the animals were kind of childish, and I coulnít understand the duck.  I think he should have slowed down as he talked.  However, the grandpa did a great job!

I didnít like whn each instrument was featured in the beginning, and the strings played with them.  I would have rather heard each instrument play alone.

I liked that David Ott was there and I got to see a living composer.  I saw a harp, double bass, and piccolo for the first time.

The Civic Center is a neat place!  Iím glad I was able to see this world premiere.  Itís an experience Iíll remember forever!