Hamilton Holidays

Class Acts Variety Show

Out Behind the Barn -- Hey Jude -- Los Altibajos
South Hamilton Jazz Band

Class Acts MPG Clips
these are short and are about .5 MB in size
Con Te Partiro
Brandon Holtan
Show Me the Way
Vocal Trio
My Own Prison 1
My Own Prison 2
Hakuna Matata
Swing Choir
In the Air Tonight
Swing Choir
Hand Jive
Swing Choir
Hand Jive (2.8MB)
Masters of Ceremony
Hey Jude
Jazz Band
Where Does My Heart Beat Now
Afton Holt
I Remember Clifford
Jazz Band
Music of the Night 1
Ellen Wagner
Music of the Night 2
Ellen Wagner
Norwegian Wood
Jazz Band
Stompin' at the Savoy
Jazz Band

Masters of Ceremony
Lana Soma & Jacob Pergande

Con Te Partiro by Brandon Holtan

For Love of Sunny by Ellen Wagner

Show Me The Way
Ashley Greenfield, Mackenzie Bockwoldt, Brandon Holtan

Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Afton Holt

My Own Prison by Fraught
Beau Hindman, Will Dunn, Austin Carlson

Act II Performers