1982-1983 Symphonic Band

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First Row from left: Renea Wheeler, Michele Hill, Beulah Olson, Tricia McAlister, Jennifer Cole, RaeJean Evans, Mindy Munsen, Teresa Lowe, Jill Henry, Katie Volkmann, Carolyn Marcalus, Laura Fisher, Jody Cook, Mindy Wicks, Kellie Jewell

Second Row: Julie Miller, Suzanne Young, Deanna Rastetter, Brenda Jenison, Todd Berg, Chad Hildal, Noelle Greenfield, Margo Conaway, Brent Cottington, Marty Danielson, Kendra Swenson, Lisa Steffen, Julie Evans, Angela Fabrizio, Jeff Ringstad, Scott Braland, Tom Heeren, Chad Risetter, Jennifer Anderson, Susan Tantow, Danny Rader

Third Row: Katherine Bolluyt, Todd Rullestad, Jodi Culpepper, Tanya Frette, Kim Solberg, Tammy Olson, Kerra Heckman, Andrea Oppedal, Weston Holt, Glenn Mitchell, Richard DeWitt, Scott Mason, Matt Hill, Tina Koestner, Clayton Jayne, Troy Swenson, Kris Hill, Kristi Westre, Robbie Girvan, Heath Hill, Kendal Kline, Jeremy Buckels, Eddie Hobbs, Lance Egeland, Keith Romp, Spencer Hill, Chad Smith, T.J. Risetter, Andy Arends, Brad Rude, Brad Thompson, Annette Anderson

Row Four: Deidre Reynolds, Tammy Hobbs, Deb Thayer, Kathy Bankds, Amanda Hovick, Kathy Norton, Julie Creagor, Jennifer McLuckie, Vince Sargent, Brian Johnson, John Thompson, Doug Sogard, Matt Marcalus, Don Smith, Justin Deppe, director Alan Spohnheimer, Beth Mesecher
not pictured: John Kost, Kelly Roney

This article below was published on June 9, 1983 in the South Hamilton Record News: