South Hamilton Video Clips
These first mpg ( or .mov) movie clips range in size from 200kb to 1MB and
will play from 16 to 45 seconds.  If you are on a dial-in phone connection
these files might take several minutes to load.
Aggressive Cheer
Red and White Cheer
Get Rowdy Cheer
Football Tunnel
Twelve Days of Christmas
Chopper Landing
Jazz Band - Clifford
Girls JV BB Warmup Drill
Girls JV BB Circle
Girls BB Starters
Volleyball Circle
Boys BB Starters
Halftime Concert Formation
HS Band - Echano
HS Band - Echano - Flags
HS Band - Mangione #2
HS Band - The Indoor Duet
HS Band - El Gato
Indoor Flags
School Song
HS Band Edelweiss
All-State Chorus Te Deum
All-State Battle Hymn #1
All-State Battle Hymn #2
All-State Somewhere
Hamilton Holidays - Partiro
more Class Acts MPGs
If you have net access with high bandwidth, 
you might wish to watch a video sampling (mpg or mov) of these activities.
The size of most of these files range from 2 to 36 MB.
Middle School Dance
Varsity BB Feb 4
BB Pep Band
Cheerleading Routine Part 1
Cheerleading Routine Part 2
Adam Swalla's Slam
MS Chorus Good Friend
HS Band - Shaker Dance Finale
Auld Lang Syne - 03 Farewell

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