Fun with Canoeing
(There are many pages showing kids having fun on the river.)

There are lots of options for having fun while canoeing.   Go with family when the kids are young.

You may canoe with family as they grow older.

Just hit the river.

Other times you canoe with Scouts or other student friends.

You always have a great day when you hit the river!

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Are we having fun in a canoe a few at a time?     Or do we all fit in one canoe?

I think we have to take more canoes next time.

On June 9, 1975, the Jewell Record News ran the following article
It was written by students Karleen Klaver and Kristin Hill:

Randall Center 5th and 6th Grade School news

The sixth graders went to Riverside Bible Camp May 23 for our science field trip.   We had seven different classes, and each class went with one teacher.   The following teachers showed us around: Johnson took us on a treasure hunt, Blanchard helped us with metric math problems, Flygstad blindfolded us and then we went around feeling different things....

McCall showed us her back pack and how to use it,  Huber let different classes do different things, and Vust had us catching fish and we got to keep them.   Spohnheimer showed us the uses of canoes and then we went canoeing!


This is fun!

We can do lots of things.


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