Brenda Aguilar

My name is Brenda Aguilar; I'm 16. 
I am an exchange student from a town named Vitoria ES Brazil.

Vitoria is a warm city, with the average of 85 degrees in the summer, which is in December and January, and 65 degrees when it is really cold in the winter.  Vitoria is  is the capital of the state Espirito Santo and is known for it's beaches.  The population is about 1 million people.

My family here are the Carlsons:  David, Lea Ann, Molly (20), Rebecca (14), and Kendra (10).  I really love them and I feel very thankful for everything that they've done for me and how they have included me in their family.  They are always my main support.  And, by the way, it's a great experience to have 3 sisters.

At home, I just have one brother.  His name is Rafael and he's 19.  My dad owns a gas station and my mom helps him there.

I'm liking South Hamilton a lot.  It is very cool to study in a small school since my Brazilian one has 4 thousand students.  It is amazing how everybody knows each other and has grown up together.  The friendships are very strong.  I enjoy coming to watch the basketball games as well as I did managing the cross country team.

I really love the snow (I hadn't seen snow before).  I think that it is very pretty and I feel very lucky that since I got here it has been a cold and snowy winter.  I went skiing and it was so much fun.  It was one of the best experiences of my life and I can't wait to go again.  I also enjoyed going to the Snoopy Search in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Everybody and everything are being so wonderful for me that it is going to be really hard to go back to Brazil.