Dulce Faz

From Mexico

My name is Dulce Faz. I am 18 years old and in the 12th grade. I come from Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora, in Mexico.

I left Mexico on August 15th. It took about three hours to go through customs. Then my plane was delayed for another seven hours in Phoenix. I now live in Jewell, and I will go home on June 15th. When I go home, my host sister (Jill Booth) will go with me.

In my school in Hermosillo, I have already graduated and will start college when I return. I attended a private high school. My class only had about 100 students.

My hobbies include cooking, aerobics, biking, eating, and shopping with friends.

My English is improving as time goes by, and I appreciate any help that is offered to me.

I am very happy here because I have been having a good time so far. It is fun to communicate with Jill and my friends at school. Everyone is so nice and fun to be around.

I like Iowa, except that I am not used to the cold. In Hermosillo, the coldest it gets is between 75 and 80. But, I like the cold a little because it is different.