Eileen Buskies

Hi, Bonjour, Hello, and Guten Tag!

My name is Eileen Buskies and I'm the tall foreign exchange student from Germany. I'm 16 years old and my host family is the Olsons, Randy, Wanda, Lucas, Clint and Danielle.

My parents, Corina and Ralf, and I live in an old town, called Dresden. Dresden is a big town with about 500,000 people. My town was first mentioned in a historical document in 1206. Since then, the city's face has changed dramatically several times. But it didn't destroy the city's unique character. I enjoy living in this town because it's never boring here and you meet a lot of new people every day.

I spent my free time in Germany doing a lot of different things. In the summer-time we went to open air concerts, did a lot of different kinds of sports (canoeing, swimming, beach volleyball, badminton, tennis), went camping at small lakes or just relaxed at pool parties. When it was cold outside, we went to different cinemas and watched movies or went dancing in special clubs.

People always ask me why I wanted to become a foreign exchange student and I have to say that there are different reasons. However, the main reason for me was probably that I like to discover other countries, their customs and the people. We call America the land of unlimited possibilities! and I wanted to have the chance to discover exactly this by spending one year here.

The hardest adjustment was the different kind of food. I was not used to all this fast food, but I have learned to love it. Another big difference is the school life. School means fun and meeting friends in America. I enjoy going to school and I will miss all the friendly, open-minded people I met here.

Finally, I just want to say that I love being in America so fare and that I'm glad to have had the opportunity to come here.