My Introduction

Flag of Japan

My name is Yuka Yamaguchi. I'm 17 years old, in the 11th grade, and come from Japan. In Japan, all 17 year old students are in the 11th grade and all schools begin in April. Also, we call the 7-9th grades junior high school, and the 10th-12th grades high school. The Japanese school's system is so different from American ones.

I left Japan on August 13, stayed in California for two days, came to Iowa on August 15, and have lived in Stanhope. I'll stay there till next June.

In Japan, my home is in Chiba, which is close to Tokyo, so I have attended Jissen Girl's High School, which is a private school in Tokyo, till last July. And... After I go back to Japan, I'll begin to go to my school as a 12th grade student from next September again. My school is so big, so there are more than 400 students in only the 11th grade and about 2200 students in the shole 7-12 school. This is not rare.

My hobbies are snowboarding, playing the piano, singing songs, going shopping, and traveling with my friends, and so on... I was a vocalist in the light music club of my high school. We usually belong to only one club and are active for the whole year.

I'm not good at listening and speaking English, so if my English is wrong, please tell me.

I'd like to make so many friends here in South Hamilton High School and have many wonderful experiences for 10 months.