2003 Randall Teachers Reunion

Former teachers from South Hamilton's Randall Center gathered again this summer to rekindle friendships.  South Hamilton operated the Randall Center (The Southern Kingdom) to educate 5th and 6th graders (and later 4th graders) during 1972 to 1980.  Some activities which began there are still tradtions for today's students.  Randall students had their Springbrook trips, dinner theaters, and hobby days.

Front row from the left: Dorothy Flygstad, Craig Miller, Florence Kalseim, Dolores Larson, Fred Larson, Mavis Leerberg, Chris Blanchard, Alan Spohnheimer
Back row: Janet (Peterson) Beary, Shirley Withers, Joyce Knutson, LaVerne Iverson, Esther Hanson, Ivan Vust, Francis LeMaster

These photos of the Randall School are supplied by Fred and Dolores Larson.
Fred's first day of school as a first grader at this school was also the first day of operation for this building (in 1921).

Fred Larson, then working as custodian, is shown on the final day of operation for the Randall school (in May, 1980).