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Bill Taylor

To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever
a Tribute to Coach Taylor
by Elaine Gansen

To teach is to touch a life forever; that's how the saying goes.
How many lives did Coach Taylor touch? One can never really know.

There were all the elementary students who couldn't wait for PE Day.
They would hurry to the gym to find out what game they would play.

Coach Taylor was great with loose teeth, as he had the Magic Thumb.
He would take one look, then pop it out. Now the tooth fairy could come!

For the elementary track meet, he taught them how to throw, jump, and run.
He always said you did a great job as long as you tried and had fun.

Let's not forget all the athletes on the gridiron, court, or the links.
He worked with them all so hard to iron out all the kinks.

As a fellow educator, he was so much fun to have around.
He would often say I'm scramblin' when something couldn't be found.

As he and Karla won the Golden Apple, he seemed to take it all in stride.
But just looking at his face, you could tell he was filled with pride.

All the lives he touched and the memories we hold dear
Will stay with us forever because in our hearts Coach will always be near!