In Memory of Jill Kubichek

Some people come into our lives

and quickly go.

Others stay for a while

and leave footprints

on our hearts,

and we are never the same.

Jill Kubichek taught elementary art at South Hamilton School for 20 years, starting at the Randall Center in 1978. Although chronic health problems were a part of her life, Jill continued to teach. By 1992 she had received three kidney transplants, and in August of 1999 was diagnosed with liver cancer. Jill was always one to celebrate life in all of its richness and glory. She was not a passive bystander to the parade of life but was an active participant in it.

Many elementary students wrote notes to Jill Kubichek during her absence from school. There were three underlying themes to most of them. The students said that most of all, Jill never let them give up on themselves. They said that Jill made art come alive for them. And they said that Jill always expected them to do their best. Here are some of those notes:

Dear Mrs. Kubichek,

You have made me love art so much. My favorite art project is the "creature". I remember that you told us that "art is life". I thought art was nothing until you told us art is life.

Dear Mrs. Kubichek,

You were a very nice and talented art teacher. I loved the way you pushed us further and further to do our best on our art work. Everyone needs someone like that in our lives and I'm glad that you were in mine!

Dear Mrs. Kubichek,

I have kept all of the comments that you gave me from parent teacher conferences in my scrapbook at home. You never gave up on students. You showed us how to do things the right way. I remember that you always used the word "craftsmanship". You always gave good advice.

the Jill Kubichek Memorial Garden