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A Two-Act Mystery Farce
by David Meyer

Produced by special arrangement with
Eldridge Publishing Company, Inc.

Director - Mindy Pfeifer
Assistant Director - Mike Rottink
Set Director - Lori Petrie

This play is a light whodunit that takes place at Moss Manor, a broken down old inn run by Mrs. Moss.

As we join the action a terrible storm is raging outside forcing an assortment of characters to seek shelter at the inn. As fate would have it, this is the day Mrs. Moss's son, Pete, returns from the service to marry his sweetheart, Terri.

Terri's uncle, Washington Cloth, is violently opposed to the impending marriage and comes to the inn to demand it not take place. However, at the height of the storm, the lights go out and a murder takes place.

The balance of the show is a gathering of the suspects, a reconstruction of the crime, and through a strange twist of events, the murderer is unmasked at the last minute.


Mother Moss .....
Peter Moss .....
Rhett, the butler ...
Benny Fender .....
Ginger Bred .....
Tony Nale .....
Marty Graw .....
Paul Bearer .....
Pandora Bearer .....
Teddy Bearer .....
Inspector Holski .....
Inspector Holmes ...
Charles Hoarse .....
Jesse Bell .....
Jackquilin Cass .....
Barbara Wyre .....
Holly Woods .....
Ivy Vine .....
Terri Cloth .....
Washington Cloth ...
Special Appearance
Megan Martin
Tony Pederson
Bart Olthoff
Dale Anderson
Holly Hanson
Jeff Gebben
Mickael Holtan
Chas Olson
Holly Diemerly
Will Shelton
Clint Olson
Mike Lindseth
B.J. Bolluyt
Angie Monthei
Crystal Ostrem
Libby Cavanaugh
Maegan Johnson
Dani Olson
Kristin Lindaman
Dan Poehner
Sarah Carlson

I didn't do it! I swear!
mobster Benny Fender a.k.a. Dale Anderson

Do I get to care for the body?
mortician Paul Bearer

Inspectors Holski (Clint Olson) and Holmes (Mike Lindseth)
are frustrated with the crime and suspects.

I've made up my mind Pete; I want to be with you!
I don't care what Uncle Washington says!

Terri Cloth (Kristin Lindaman) with Pete Moss (Tony Pederson)
Mother Moss (Megan Martin) in the background

Sound Crew Lara Yungclas and Katie Carlson

Stage and Set Crew Melia Thompson and Jen Smith
back stage waiting for cues.

more photos