Canoeing the Des Moines River

The physical education class at South Hamilton enjoyed a beautiful day on the Des Moines River taking their final exam for their canoeing unit of P.E.  This was a unique experience for the students; definitely one for the memory book.  Canoeing is just one of the life-long activities the students will be introduced to this year.  This before photo was taken at Vegors bridge right before the Boone River joines the Des Moines River.

Class members included Dani Bottorff, Miriam Bourquin, Jorge Covarrubias, Gary Draper, Melissa Emerick, Frank Goodrich, Brandon Holtan, Garrett Hove, Dustin Kooker, Jenna Krause, Amanda Drumm, Steve Lindseth, Adam Olson, Lucas Olson, Kiley Sealine, Jenna Solberg, Alex Walker, Meredith Williams, Chance Combs, Carrie Cavanaugh, Josh Blomgren, Jenny Hill, Mark Kenney, Eric Luhman, Ron Rugg, David Weir, and Nic Wright.  Dave Gordon accompanied the class.

P.E. Instructor Kathi Fisher

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