AEA 5 National History Day Competition

On Thursday, March 13, 29 South Hamilton students traveled to Buena Vista University to participate in the AEA 5 National History Day competition.   You can learn more about National History Day.    South Hamilton participants included 6th graders Katharine Groehn, Josh Mechaelson, Bethany Olson, Vanessa Roys, and Jessica Stakey.

Seventh graders were Alex Andrews, Ben Coy, Andrew Follmann, Spencer Hendrickson, Isaac Hodnefield, Zach Monthei, Cameron Olson, Izaac Reis, Joey Ringstad, Ray Saulsbury, Tim Schafer, Austin Swenson, and Tel Ubben.

Eight graders included Ryan Baker, James Berry, Cody Greenfield, Amanda McGonigle, Jare Stubben, and Parker Watson.

Ninth graders were Chelsea Olson, Jason Schafer, and Sam Sorden.

Tenth graders participation were Scott Andrews and Tim Hershberger.

Congratulations to all the students for learning more about history!

Sixth graders Bethany Olson and Jessica Stakey were given an award for their Men in White group exhibit.   They are runners-up for the junior division of the state level competition.   Sixth grader Josh Mechaelsen was given an award for the overall best job of answering the judges' questions.