Natalie's Poetry

Natalie, a South Hamilton fourth grade TAG student, wrote a poem which was recently selected to be part of the 2003 edition of the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. Here is her poem:
Wild Horses

Rolling pastures, fields, and paddocks filled with horses of all breeds fly by my window.

Long have I dreamed of living in Kentucky -- in my world, the state of horses.

Horses horses horses, I love horses.

Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, bays, paints -- any kind of horse.  I love horses.

In my mind is a picture of a great heard of wild horses, with their beautiful manes and tails flying in the wind.

First galloping, then running, and then roaring over the land, beating up the grass.

And with every wild herd of horses there is a leader and in this one it happens to be a beautiful, black stallion.

Wilder than any horse in the world, its strides are so fast it seems as though there are fifty in one second.

It lightens my heart to see it all happen.