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Summer Artist

The Featured Artist for this summer is Audrey Sturtz, who will be a 7th grader this fall..  At Mrs. Spykerman's encouragement, Audrey brought to school a pillow and quilt, two art related projects she has been working on.  Audrey learned to quilt from a book her grandmother supplied.  It took me two days to make.  It took a day to do the backing and a day just for the hand stitching around the border. These have several of the elements of art; texture, color, shapes, and lines.

Audrey and her mom made the pattern for the pillow from pieces of lace.  Sewing is a hobby for Audrey.  She has previously sewn a vest.  Audrey plans to enter three quilts and the pillow at the county fair in July.

Star pattern quilt

Lace decorated pillow

Featured artist of the 2000-2001 school year