Congratulations to all auditioners!

You represented yourselves and your school well.

The following acts have been selected for their level of preparation,audience appeal, and contribution to the overall show.
TheABCsVocal Group w/piano & guitar
Dress rehearsals are scheduledfor Monday and Tuesday, March 5 & 6. We will present a matinee on Wednesday,March 7. Plan to be there and on time.

Remember: Yourjobs are not done. Continue polishing your acts until they are outstandingperformance pieces. Any acts that are not--in Mr. Lovell's judgment--"performanceready" by dress rehearsal will be pulled from the show.

Liz BourquinVocal solo w/piano
Katie CarlsonVocal solo w/piano
Heather EnzianActing
BreAnne Feldman/MindiScottPiano duet
AshleyG./Mackenzie B. w/Doug L. & Austin C.Vocal Duet w/Bass and Trap Set
Afton HoltStorytelling
Emily PetriePoetry
Casey PribylVocal Solo w/piano
Readers TheatreGroup speech act
Jeff ScottVocal solo w/piano
Will SheltonExpository speech
Techno-PopMusical Theatre speech act
Laura WelthaMime
Laura WelthaVocal solo w/recorded accompaniment
Melanie WilsonPointe (dance) solo