Individual Speech Showcase Night

Individual Speech Contest participants performed for a home audience February 27 before heading to Oelwein the following Saturday for the actual judged performance. Speech Showcase Night featured two performance centers, the auditorium and the art room.  In addition to the contestants pictured below, the following students were heard: Val Krumm (Radio News & Reviewing), Rachel Krumm (After Dinner Speaking), Matt Sigmund (Radio News & Original Oratory), Ariana Wolf (Prose), and Tim Herschberger (Radio News).

Ellen Wagner - After Dinner Speaking

But I'm Over It Now

Jodi Petrie - Poetry

God in America Again

Ross Schumaker - Poetry

The Cowboy Life

Sarah Carlson - Prose

The Tablecloth

Afton Holt - Prose


Lynsey Carlson - Poetry


Ellen Wagner - Storytelling, The Innkeeper's Wise Daughter