South Hamilton School
The Moss Trap
by David Meyer
Presented by Special Arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company

Directors: Mindy Gray and John Lovell

Time has taken its toll on the once stately inn known as Moss Manor.  Its humble proprietor, Mrs. Moss, and her ever faithful butler Rhett have been struggling to keep the inn open but have finally decided to sell and move on.

An unusual assortment of prospective buyers arrive, as well as some old friends.  As the brokering becomes more competitive, word reaches the inn of an escaped murderer possibly heading their way.  Mrs. Moss is unconcerned until she learns the identity of the convict.

The vigilant local police inspectors are on the job protecting the inn when a body suddenly turns up!  Through fate, quick thinking, and blind luck, Mrs. Moss is able to weather the crisis and put things right.