6th Grade Field Trip to Des Moines

On November 3, South Hamilton Sixth Graders travelled to Des Moines to visit the Civic Center and the Botanical Center.

6th Graders Gary, Garrett, and Ben brace for the long bus ride to Des Moines.

Following the entertaining science show, Alex, Reed, and Corey stand in front of the Nollen Plaza Umbrella with the Civic Center in the background.

Jenny prepares for a messy lunch.

Let's get that homework done, JoAnna!

There's lots to see at the Botanical Center! Kyle, Amanda, Emily, and Dustin notice everything. Ben is in the background.

Ms. Jans looks at the fish tank while she is still dry; Breanna likes the flower display.

Chris gets close to a cactus.

Workin' hard are Kyle and Brett!

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