Archived Homepage photos from South Hamilton's website

What did the South Hamilton Website look like in 1998-1999?   Don't bother clicking on links on these images,
because today these are meant to look like the old website, but are not actual web pages.

How did the South Hamilton website look later?
Again, don't bother clicking on the image below.

As you can see above, the marked Menu image at the top of our website eventually became
the way to link to certain pages, such as local links, search, site for kids, or the library card catalog.
The top images were eventually changed every month to provide a changed
view with the same links to special pages.  This top changing website image often showed the
South Hamilton School building or some events, students, activities, or the season.

See examples of the top changing images on the next pages.

When the website used this image, there would also be the menu graphic at the left of this image.  Above, you can see three of the four different versions that were used through the years.  This menu graphic was always seen, no matter what page would be visible.  This menu portion could take web visitors to the "home", the page "About" South Hamilton School, the "Board" page, the "Guidance" links, the current year's "Activity Page", the school "Schedule", and "Personnel" pages of photos and staff information, and lastly, access to the student "Handbook".  Click anywhere, and go places on the South Hamilton Website or beyond.

Our website was attacked?

Our webpage as it appeared on June 3, 2000
when our network was hacked from outside the USA.
Our website was defaced by Trumpet, a network security employee.

The links below worked for years, but are no longer active today.
South Hamilton Domain listed in collection of hacked servers

June Attrition Defacements listing South Hamilton's website

South Hamilton appearing in a Chinese list of hackable SMTP (mail) servers

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