South Hamilton High School Band Concerts
March and May of 2014

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South Hamilton High School Band
Tom Klaver, director

(See page 3 for the band playing a march by Karl L. King, and for a fitting ending to the school year.)

Selections from The Star Wars Saga - - - Williams,  arr. Story

Ride of the Valkyries - - - Wagner,  arr. Williams

Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist - - - Sweeney

(See page 2 for the band playing Mallet Maniacs.)

Rachael Huegerich
Allyson Ervin
Alissa Moss
Melinda Johnston
Hannah Tjarks
Kylie Arneson
Emilee Wiece
Katie Austin
Hannah Myhers
Ashley De La Riva

Beth Stanley
Mackenzie Busch
Michaeia Sogard
Kayla Carlson
Leah Vierkandt
Alisha Storm
John Meyers

Bass Clarinet
Sarah Rueger

Also Saxophone
Molly Houdeshell
Hannah Pulis
Bree Hodnefield
Nathan Sogard

Tenor Saxophone
Nathan Maile

Baritone Saxophone
Amanda Austin
Zak Danger

Zach Tracyi
Zach Zoske
Dana Boor
Hunter Johnson
Colton Coy
Abby Elsner
Rachel Stevens
Zach Puls
Jenna Woodall
Alex Alfseike
Ayslyn Bentley
Thomas Coster

French Horn
Mandy Teig
Marina Meyers

Emily Coster
Gabe Rueger
Blake Barquist
Alexis Gandara

Trevor Grubb
Rylan Harris

Miriam Rueger
Ray Alfseike
Patrick Nieman

Bass Guitar
Titan Johnson

Jenna Heeren
Karsen Houck
Jacob Heeren
Maddie Kuhfus
Raquel Holt
Noelle Houck
Kayla Flores
Noah Lutter

Aux. Percussion & Mgr.
Trever Roney


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