On June 3, 1971, the South Hamilton Junior High presented a Pops Concert
including the Neophonic Orchestra, the Swing Choir and Jazz Band II.

The South Hamilton Record published this article on June 3, 1971:

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     The Pops Concert presented May 25 by Junior High Band and Vocal Departments as their final concert of the year was "just a lot of fun -- a fun concert.  Everyone enjoyed the concert.  We've been looking forward to this all year.  These kids want to do well in whatever they do.  They proved themselves Tuesday night," said Gil Lettow, junior high band director.

     Four groups participated in this Pops Concert: the Neophonic Orchestra, Jazz Band I, Swing Choir, and Jazz Band II.  Gil Lettow directed this bands;  Mrs. Lois Carlson directed the Swing Choir.  Eighty-six students were involved.  Participation was entirely voluntary.  Groups rehearsed one home room period each week and one evening a week during the second semester.

     These groups were in addition to the Symphonic and Concert Bands and the vocal groups which presented their fall, winter and spring concerts, as well as the students who participated in the state music contest and the local festival.

     This Pops Concert was a fun concert to climax the year's work combining the talents of the band and vocal groups.


Neophonic Orchestra Personnel:

Flute - Deb Rex,  Kendra Staples,  Julie Whitlock,  Susan Hove

Oboe - Cyndie Staples

Bassoon - Pat Ingamells

Clarinet - LuAnn Nelson,  Robin Peterson,  Ronda Carlson,  Richard Ehlers,  Mary Morgart,  Pat VanLangen

Bass Clarinet - Dale Sigmund

Alto Saxophone - Kristy Ringstad,  Nila Norris,  Becky Jacobson

Trumpet - Bob Andersen,  Bruce Jolivette,  Kyle Bottorff,  Steve Danielson

Trombone - Mark Whitlock,  Gary Hove,  Steve Johnston,  Richard Anderson,  Lanny Staples

String Bass - John Graham

Tuba - Shauna Jacobson

Guitar - Mike Smith,  Jim Snyder

Piano - Cyndie Staples

Percussion - Jerry Ober,  Janis Underland,  Janene Sogard

Swing Choir Personnel:

Cyndie Staples,  Joy Klaver,  Elaine Hoyer,  Janis Underland,  Vickie Voss,  Marilyn Ness,  Diane Wininger,  Dorothy Anderson,  Kendra Staples,  Sharon Bennett,  Shauna Jacobson,  Cheri Marsh,  Jill Read,  Miriam Hall

Terry Egger,  Wayne Neuman,  Mike Smith,  Randy Olson, Tim Hove,  Jeff Richard,  Bill Kilmer,  Jim Hughes,  Bob Andersen,  Jim Snyder,  Mike Pounds,  Dick Welp,  Steve Johnston,  Carroll Hanson,  Lyle Clabaugh

Jazz Band II Personnel:

Alto Saxophone - Becky Jacobson,  Peggy Ahrens

Tenor Saxophone - Jeff Knutson,  Richard Ehlers

Baritone Saxophone - Mary Beth Walker

Trumpet - David Leeman,  Dick Iverson,  Greg Richard,  Richard Heeren,  Brad Olson,  Tim Krumm

Trombone - Paul Clayton,  Roger Abell,  Dennis Vulgamott,  Paul Hemphill

Tuba - Kendall Flygstad

Guitar - Mike Smith

Piano - Jeanine Sturtz,  Pat VanLangen,  Jeanette Vold

Percussion - Craig Arneson,  Mike Johnston

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