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In 1972, the South Hamilton's High School Band included Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.
In these early years, high school included grades 10, 11, and 12.     Junior High was for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.
Manisphere Music Festival in WINNEPEG, Summer of 1972

County Band Festivals
1967 JH & HS Bands
1967 Randall Center Bands
1971 JH Pops Concert
Karl King is lost to the ages
1972 High School Band
1972 Junior High Bands
1973 Elementary Bands
1972-1973 High School
1973-1974 Fifth Grade
1973-1974 Sixth Grade
1974 IBA Performances
1974-1975 Fifth Grade
1975 IBA Performance
1975-1976 Fifth Grade
1975-1976 Sixth Grade
1975-1976 High School
1975-1976 HSMarching
1976-1977 Fifth Grade
1976-1977 Sixth Grade
1976-1977 JH Concert
1976-1977 Symphonic
1976-1977 High School
1977-1978 Fifth Grade
1977-1978 Sixth Grade
1977-1978 JH Concert
1977-1978 Middle School
1977-1978 High School
1978-1979 Fifth Grade
1978-1979 Sixth Grade
Symphonic Band to IBA
1978-1979 High School
1979-1980 5th & 6th
1979-1980 Symphonic
1979-1980 High School
1980-1981 Symphonic
1980-1981 High School Band
Greeley Band Trip
1981-1982 Symphonic
1982-1983 Sixth Grade
1982-1983 Symphonic
NCIBA Honorband
1982-1983 High School
1983-1984 Sixth Grade
1983-1984 Symphonic
1984-1985 Fifth Grade
1984-1985 Symphonic
1985 MS Ellsworth Parade
1985-1986 6th Grade
1985-1986 Symphonic
1985-1986 High School
1986-1987 Sixth Grade
1987 MS Marching in Ames
1986-1987 Symphonic
1987-1988 6th Grade
1987-1988 Symphonic
MS Frontier Days Parade
1988 Veishea Parade
1988-1989 6th Grade
1988-1989 Symphonic and
Marching in Ft. Dodge
1989-1990 Symphonic
1992 MS to IBA
MS to Scandinavian Days
1993 Trip to St. Louis
1994 Elementary & MS
1994 HS Band
1996 Elementary & MS
1995-1996 MS Marching
1995-1996 HS Band
1996-1997 Symphonic
Winter Park Music Trip

1997-1998 Fifth Grade
1998-1999 Symphonic
1998-1999 HS Marching
1999-2000 High School
2000-01 Symph&Marching
Winter Park Music/Ski Trip
2001-2002 Sixth Grade
2001-2002 High School
2002-2003 Fifth Grade
2002-2003 Sixth Grade
2002-2003 Symphonic
2002-2003 High School
2003 Symph Marching
2003-2004 High School
2004-2005 Chicago Trip
2005 Marching news
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2014 High School
2016 Homecoming Parade
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More IBA Performances
2023 IBA Performance

Besides the image below, there are a few more photos of South Hamilton band directors.    Or see more photos of SH bands.

Before South Hamilton, the Stanhope School had an orchestra.   View members of the string family at South Hamilton.

Links to the former South Hamilton web server

Yes, a reward was offered to capture SH directors:
Alan Spohnheimer, Orley Kilburn, and Max Whitlock.

This photo was taken when the South Hamilton Band performed in Greeley, Colorado.

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Seen below are other things visible in South Hamilton's Band Rooms.

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The images above and below have been found in the South Hamilton Bandrooms.
Perhaps you should view some Musical-related Cartoons and Posters you didn't see in South Hamilton Bandrooms.

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